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Laser Therapy to Quit Smoking

Written By Bentin Chiropractic Wellness Center on March 5, 2018

A 2015 study done by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) calculated over 36 million Americans smoke cigarettes. Many of these smokers have tried to quit, often several times, but they have little success. Luckily, a new, highly effective treatment has emerged: Laser Therapy.   

Laser Therapy May Help You Quit Smoking

Laser Therapy on acupuncture points, especially on the ear, leg and hands, has helped thousands permanently quit smoking and other unhealthy habits. Many patients have reported that after one session, they no longer want to smoke and don’t even have any cravings.  

How Does Laser Therapy Compare to Other Quitting Aids?

According to the CDC, cigarette smoking is the number one cause of preventable diseases and death in the United States. Cigarettes contain deadly toxins like nicotine, tar, and carbon dioxide, all of which increase a user’s chances of developing lung problems, emphysema, and several types of cancer. It’s no wonder that people want to quit this dangerous habit.

But nicotine is as addictive as it is destructive. Some studies even say it’s as addictive as heroin, drawing people back every time they try to get away. People tend to turn to stop smoking aids like gum, patches, or pharmaceuticals. Often, these aids don’t really help for various reasons:

  • The gum and patch may stop you from smoking a cigarette, but they still distribute nicotine through your body. How can these “quit aids” actually be beneficial when they’re not allowing you to rid your body of this habitual chemical?
  • Antidepressants like Chantix are often prescribed to those who want to stop smoking. Unfortunately for some people, antidepressants can cause suicidal thoughts or actions. Using them can mean you’re trading in one deadly product for another.

Bentin Chiropractic Wellness Center uses a drug-free, low level laser protocol that has a 90% success rate. The treatment is relaxing, extremely effective, and leaves you without any pain or other side effects.  

Contact Bentin to Learn More

Dr. Naar has been helping people quit smoking since 2005. If you’re interested in kicking your nicotine habit to the curb for good, contact Bentin Chiropractic Wellness Center by email or call us at (561) 736-9355 to schedule a consultation. 

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