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Pain Management and Rehabilitation for Back Pain at Bentin Chiropractic

Bentin Chiropractic provides a number of healthy, effective options for the treatment of back pain, including chiropractic physical therapy, and massage therapy.The back is made up of bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and interconnecting nerves. Spinal discs rest between each of the bones of the spine (the vertebrae) to provide cushioning and movement. Injury or degeneration in any of these components can cause back pain.

Age and Back Pain: As the life expectancy in this country continues to grow, many older Americans are experiencing better health than any previous generation. However, one health complaint has increased due to greater longevity: pain. Back pain is the number one pain-related health issue.Spinal Stenosis, for example, is the result of age-related narrowing of the spinal canal. Arthritis can affect the joints of the spine, while spondylolisthesis causes pain when the vertebrae become unstable due to degeneration and loss in the stabilizing structures of the spine.

Injury/Trauma and Back Pain: Auto accident injuries, sports injuries, sedentary lifestyles, improper lifting, poor posture, and scoliosis can all lead to back pain. For example, muscle strain, bulged or herniated spinal discs, and sciatica can cause back pain in patients of all ages following an injury.

Chiropractic for Back PainWhile medications provide temporary relief and surgeries are often ineffective, chiropractic care concentrates on providing real relief from back pain and other maladies by ensuring the health of the spine. The spine is part of the central nervous system, which controls the functions of the body (including pain). Not only will correcting structural problems in the spine directly relieve back pain, chiropractic adjustment also corrects any problems within the nervous system so that the body is able to heal and function optimally.

Physical Therapy for Back Pain at Bentin Chiropractic

Used in conjunction with chiropractic, massage, and/or acupuncture, physical therapy is an indispensible healthcare practice for the treatment of back pain. Through therapeutic exercise, electrical muscle stimulation, lumbar and cervical traction, and ultrasound(among other active and passive techniques), physical therapy relieves back pain and restores strength and movement.

Massage Therapy

In order to enhance the effectiveness of our chiropractic services, deep tissue massage is used to relax the muscles of the back to reduce pain and tension; warm the soft tissues of the spine; and stabilize the spine. In this way, massage therapy helps prepare the back for chiropractic adjustment or therapeutic exercise.

To learn more about rehabilitation for back pain, please contact our office today.