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Patient Testimonials

  • "I had a prolonged headache and stiff neck. After the third adjustment, I noticed substantial improvement." Beverly R.

  • "After a few adjustments, I noticed an overall feeling of well-being. I enjoy the 'clear' feeling in my head." Carol H.

  • "My initial problems were lower-back pain and headaches. But I noticed my bladder problem had greatly improved since I began treatment with Dr. Naar." Ana L.

  • "For the first time in years, I am able to taste my food. I wish I knew years ago that chiropractic can help people with sinus'!" Arlene S.

  • "In the one year since my care has started, there has been a very noticeable difference. While it took several months to really get my problems under control, I can honestly say I have had few relapses with my back. Bentin, that's the way I spell 'relief'." Richard S.

  • "Since I started care, my posture has improved, I am more active and have more energy." Nancy F.

  • "I had headaches for fourteen years and digestive problems. After I had treatment for two weeks, the headaches dissipated and I started eating regular again. Thanks for giving me my life back!" Beverly K.

  • "Best adjustment and diagnosis ever. Immaculate, beautiful office with state of the art equipment. Dr. Ben was so concerned about health issues our son was having, he researched some ideas for us. Really incredible office and staff. Patients for life!" Laureen J.

  • "The place and the staff are very customer service friendly and took care of my issues. I walk out of there feeling such a relief of pain I quickly made another appointment and can't wait." Robert H.

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