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Acculife Weight Loss



A natural approach to achieving your goal weight utilizing acupressure and intermittent fasting.


Phase 1: Lose the Weight

Acupressure will suppress the appetite and protect metabolism.

Balanced nutrition with intermittent fasting and no ketosis.

Chi Gong Breathing to manage cravings and reduce stress.

During the weight loss phase there are no plateaus in fat loss because there are no metabolic changes. Core food elements are fruits vegetables milk, and yogurt

(Non- Dairy Milk and Yogurt Options as well)

Phase 2: Stabilize the Weight

Stabilize your weight set point within 3-5 pounds of your final goal weight.

Create your custom maintenance plan so you eat the way you want.

Identify food sensitivities.

Phase 3: Maintain the Weight

Maintain your weight with your own realistic eating style.

Tune Up your digestive system 2x per year by following Phase 1 for 1-2 weeks.

Real Success, Real Support, Real Food

You should expect a loss of significant inches and enhanced energy levels with absolutely no side effects.

AccuWeight offers in office support as well as by phone text and online. You’ll get weekly tips from our experts as well as 24/7 community support in our private online community.

Our program utilizes natural food from the grocery store. There are no pre- packaged meals. There are 500+ recipes to choose from to meet everyone’s differing tastes.

Over 24 years, 60,000 clients. More than 1 million pounds of fat lost. Learn how you can lose 15 pounds or more in 30 days