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Using Light to Treat Pain: Are You Eligible for Cold Low Level Laser Therapy?

Written By Bentin Chiropractic Wellness Center on June 15, 2017

It might come as a surprise, but the modern medical community knows very little about the nature of pain.

Despite the astounding advances that 21st century medicine has to offer so far, pain assessment has remained a largely static field, perhaps best described by Margo McCaffery's definition, offered in 1968:

"Pain is whatever the patient says it is and exists whenever he or she says it does."

The medical field's primary tools for pain management typically include opioid drugs that, while often effective, produce dangerous side effects and tend to be highly addictive. However, there is no medical reason why anesthesia should be the only method of pain relief available to patients—especially when it comes to chronic pain.

Cold Lower Level Laser therapy is of the most fascinating advances in pain management because it uses specific wavelengths light to activate light-sensitive elements in human cells. This can have the effect of repairing injured tissue, reducing pain and improving recovery time.

What Type of Pain Does Cold Low Level Laser Therapy Treat?

Since cold lasers can permeate and stimulate all cell types, laser therapy is suitable for treating a wide range of conditions. Examples of conditions that Cold Lower Level Laser therapy treats include:

• Chronic back pain

• Chronic joint pain

• Tendonitis

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Fibromyalgia

Researchers with The Lancet have documented some of the most encouraging results treating chronic neck pain with Low Level Laser therapy. Musculoskeletal diseases, of which chronic neck pain is a common symptom, represent one of the most frequently reported conditions in the United States.

Cold Low Level Laser Therapy vs. Drug Therapy

While drug therapies have long been the go-to standard when it comes to managing pain, the Lancet's research contradicts this commonly held notion. In particular, the effects of drug therapy terminate as soon as the patient discontinues treatment—when the drugs leave the body, the pain comes back.

Low Level Laser therapy, on the other hand, offers longer lasting results. Additionally, there are no side effects to laser therapy since the laser itself simply activates the pain- and inflammation-reducing capabilities of the body itself.

Are You Eligible?

Call us to determine your eligibility for laser therapy. As a treatment option shown to reduce the severity of a wide variety of pain symptoms, we recommend it as an alternative to drug therapies in the majority of cases.

Patients typically report significant reduction in pain immediately after the first treatment. As a side effect-free option for effective pain management, Cold Lower Level Laser therapy is one of the most attractive options currently available to those who suffer from painful conditions.


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